The Fact About 裴蕾 That No One Is Suggesting

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The mapping desk was acquired from the Internet from the early 2000s. It was extracted from the dictionary used for Chinese input on the Unix process. Even so, I dropped monitor of the first file and its URL.

You can even url to another Pen here, and we will pull the JavaScript from that Pen and include things like it. If it's using a matching preprocessor, we are going to combine the code just before preprocessing, so You need to use the joined Pen as a real dependency.







Command+Shift+4, then choose an area: Have a screenshot of a region and reserve it as a file on the desktop

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[0006] 形音码的优点是:充分发挥纯形码输入字根重码率低的长度,用字音作识别码,克服了形码中字根码和识别码难记的缺点�?[0006] Benefits shaped 裴蕾 tone code is: comprehensive length of the basis pure barcode input lower pounds code with pronunciation for identification code, to overcome the shortcomings of the basis code and barcode identification code hard to recall.

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